7. April 2017

Research Focus

Research topic

The interdisciplinary working group Cold Chain Management of the University of Bonn was established to facilitate networking and interactions between and among academic scholars, industry experts and aspiring amateurs in the cold chain management.

The primary research-focus of the group is the development and implementation of innovative methods and models for the improvement of food safety and quality as well as the reduction of food waste in perishable food supply chains.

This focus is composed of the following specific research-topics:

  • The characterization of  spoilage processes of various foods as function of product-,  process- and environmental parameters
  • The development of predictive models to describe the quality loss and safety aspects as function of different parameter, development of heat transfer models
  • The development and investigation of innovative technologies and sensors to control product and process-specific  factors over the entire food chain  and evaluation of the sustainability of these technologies. This includes:
    • Active and intelligent packaging solutions
    • Antimicrobial materials
    • Temperature monitoring devices

The working group Cold Chain Management has varied laboratory equipment at its disposal. This includes a microbiological laboratory for research of spoilage and pathogenic bacteria, a chemicaland technical laboratory with a range of different equipment  (Packaging machines, SAW Technology, Spectrophotometer, aw- and pH-measurements, gas analyser, chambers to test temperature monitoring devices …).